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I have shrinkage and I’m so psyched about it!

I don’t know if anyone else has ever went back natural before and can remember their hair texture and pattern, well I did go back natural in 2007 and I can say that I believe my hair has changed.

It’s not a drastic difference in appearance, but one noticeable difference when I work with my hair, is I am experiencing way more shrinkage.

And I’m super excited.

I love shrinkage! I crush on hair shrinkage.

Shrinkage collage

I posted the above photo online this week, on Facebook and the response in terms of comments and likes was remarkable…but in some instances, a few people thought I was knocking shrinkage.

When in fact, it’s the complete opposite. I really do love my shrinkage. I even put a huge smiley face but some people still showed sympathy, saying things like “I feel your pain” and “I hate shrinkage too”.

I really, really, really do LOVE my hair shrinkage.

Why you may wonder?

Elasticity is a feature of HEALTHY hair. And if you ever only take one thing from my blog, believe me when I say, HEALTHY hair is GOOD hair! That’s all that makes hair GOOD!

So when I pull a “short” twist and it streeeeeetches looonnnnggggggg and then springs back once I let go; I get super excited!

I love my shrinkage.

Hair with great elasticity has a strong core, well a strong cortex if you want to get technical, and a strong cortex indicates that the hair is in good health.

If the hair stretches without breaking or snapping easily, it’s healthy.

Embrace your shrinkage!