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So I forgot to tell you guys about the gifts I got for Christmas. Truthfully, I even forgot about this gift myself because I was protective styling for 3 months. But now that’s done…let me share my jackpot with y’all! lol

I discovered that I was really and truly a hopeless new naturalista who is the experimentation phase.

Why hopeless you wonder?

Well when my aunt visited from DC (she is the one who did the BC with me), she brought clothes and stuff for family members and for me she brought…hair products!



I was over the moon happy. She bought a dress, pants and top too, which I said thanks for, but it was the hair products in a large Ziploc bag that I hugged and unwrapped with care.

She had asked me what I use on my hair and I told her plus I said what I don’t get in Barbados and what’s super-expensive and all I couldn’t find plus what I found pricey was what she brought.

Talk about an awesome aunt…mine is, for sure!

So what did she bring in this Christmas haul?

  • Camille Rose Almond Jai Twisting butter (taste so good that if the Earth ran out of food, it would be the first hair product I’d eat as dessert! It smells that yummy lol)
  • Kinky Curly Knot Today seemed to have flown off the shelves in Barbados, because it’s always M.I.A. I love this leave-in conditioner/detangler, or at least I loved it when I was transitioning, I’m yet to use it since I BCed actually.
  • Kinky Curly Come Clean because sometimes I just need suds and a great clean.
  • Deva Curl One Conditioner is awesome since my BC. I had the whole Deva Curl sample get started kit and this product is the one, my hair seems to find most valuable. She brought a large bottle cause Barbados does not carry this brand!
  • I use JBCO with Ylang Ylang but I couldn’t find straight ylang ylang oil and so guess what? Yup! She bought me ylang ylang oil.
  • But that was not the only essential oil I got…it gets better! She brought peppermint oil aaaaaaaaaaand Rosemary!


Cloud 9? Ha! I was chilling on Cloud 12 ever since I got that haul of products. Plus I was wearing crotchet braids so I now finally get to try all my good stuff.

Super happy and excited!

Who knew that hair products could make you tingle with anticipation?

Well now I know.