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Dear readers,

Whenever I ask people who is their haircrush, it’s 50-50. It’s either “I don’t have one”  or “I have many X, Y, Z, and A, B, C, D, etc.”

Personally, I can say that there are people who have nice curls that make me ‘swoon’ on the inside, but because many times their hair type is not similar to mine, I don’t count them as haircrushes.

But last weekend I did a wash n’ go, prayed to God, dressed and left the house to go to work.

The result was cute in my eyes, but for the first time ever, a pic did my hair more justice that in person in my head.

Natural hair selfie

Usually I love my hair in person and hate it in the photo, especially a selfie, but not last weekend.

When I saw pics the day after, I was just in awe at my curls.

Don’t get me wrong, ALLLLLLLLLLL day I felt people’s hands in my hair, “It’s so soft!” “I love it” “Your natural hair, geez” “Can I touch it!?!” “I always wanted to touch your hair” Mind you all these compliments and comments came while their hands were already in my hair. Sigh vs LOL

Best was at the end of it all, after a good seven hours – a/c, wind, hair molestation and even sweat, Moire took a picture and I walked to the exit where I saw another friend who said, “I really want to but I’ll ask, can I touch your hair?” After a day of no asking, I could not say no, “Sure!” “Sighhhh oh my gosh, your hair though girl. Sooooo soft!”

I felt like I had cotton candy hair lol

Anyways the next day I saw that last photo of the day and a video and all I could see was… MY HAIR!!! *Screamssssssssssssss* It was on fleeeeeeeeeek!

Let me let you see what I mean.

Below is the last photo of the day – Me and Jamaican reggae artiste Dre Island out of Chronixx’s camp. And his locs…siiiiiigh! It was natural hair awesomeness to end the long day of work.

Me and Dre Island

Thanks to Moire for this photo

My curls popped allllllll day!

I just want to say:

Thank You to God, made in His image, wonderfully.

Thank you to my mum and dad for my genes.

Thank you to Deva Curl – One Condition, my hair thinks this is BESSSSSST for wash n’ goes.

Thank you water! You are a TRUE friend my curls. We love you H20!

I never thought I would see the day I crush on my own curls until it was probably tailbone length lololol

So yea, I just had to share that. #Sorrynotsorry #Lemonade

Let me have my moment… Please and thanks lololol 🙂