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Dear readers,

A very popular protective style these days is faux locs.

And this style has caused much controversy.

Faux is a French word, and let’s face it, we all have not studied French, so can people stop crucifying those who do not pronounce ‘faux’ as ‘foe’?


There is absolutely NO reason why people need to shame others for calling ‘f-a-u-x’ fox.

If you are English-speaking, your default is to pronounce the ‘x’ and calling ‘faux’ fox kills no one.

Just deal with it.

Recently, I went to the Hair Store in Barbados where I live and I asked the lady working there, “Is this Afro Twist Braid good for doing foe locs?” She said, “I don’t know what you mean.” I said, “Ummm…the fox locs” She smiled bigggg, “Ohhhhh fox locs, yea, nuff people use this to do it and they plait the Kanekalon underneath or you can use just this.” Me: “Thanks!” IMG-20160621-WA0021

Yeah, I could have given her a French lesson, belittled her, made her feel “stupid” and get no help with my purchase. I could have stuck to my French guns and left the store empty handed. I could have played superior. NO! That would have served no one.

So, the next time you hear someone say ‘fox locs’ deal with it and move right along. Do not have a conniption. If you are going use it as a teachable moment, know how.

Study this!

How did you first react when you saw ‘hors d’oeuvres’ or ‘maître d’’ ?

I’m sure you may have heard the word ‘ordervs’ but on the menu when you saw that ‘h’ it was like ‘horse’ what?

Just don’t fault people. If they heard of foe locs then learnt to spell it, faux, fine. But many saw it as faux locs and taught themselves the English-way to say it – fox.

Please quit with the shaming and condescending.

And oh yea…I got mine done!

Faux locs Collage