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Dear readers,

It’s Crop Over, Barbados’ Carnival time and so as a journalist by profession, I have been buried under work.

I apologise.

So let me catch you up on my hair this year for the season.

I was going to go back to crotchet braids like last year because I love that protective style but this year I decided to give faux locs a try.

Halo Collage

And true to myself, always trying to do what pleases me now, I got “grey/silver” streaks in my faux locs. At first many people were like “Huh? Why?” But in no time it became, “That’s an interesting colour choice”, “you look cute” and funnily “Ras, tell me that is real, tell me dem locs real” lol


The braider was considerate so there was very little pressure on my hair strands and scalp – no stress on my hairline.

It lasted a full 4 weeks with minimal fuzz (I hardly ever tied it down, sigh hides face)

It was easy to oil my scalp.


It’s bulky so it’s not easy to put it up and out of the way, but you learn to bun it quickly, or at least I did.

It can keep you hot. (see the con above)

Sidenote: The ends of my faux locs were not burnt so dirty clothes and the pulling of clothing were not problems I experienced.



I did buns.

I did halo twists and cornrows. (See the first picture at the top)


I pulled locs from the left side and right side of my head, tied them together and then stuffed all the locs through the loop and it was a cool, easy updo.

I did half, half down.

Cleaning or Wash routine

In terms of how to wash faux locs, unfortunately, I cannot tell you. I only cleaned my scalp using cotton swabs and witch hazel astringent because I got sick and didn’t want to add to it in case I soaked my locs and it took a long while to dry.

So I’m sorry but in four weeks, I didn’t wash my faux locs, only dry cleans.

And it’s coming off today hopefully, because my psoriasis needs me to wash my scalp thoroughly and because Emancipation Day is tomorrow so I want to rock my natural hair! #Freedom

Day2+3 Collage


Though I hear many people say that faux locs makes them consider locs, I never got the bug and I never identified as a Ras. This was just a really ‘forget about my hair’ protective style and I like it.

Rating: 4/5 (Mine was done big so I never actually got to wear my ‘locs’ down)