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Hello readers!

img_20161025_194006We’re going North-North..all the way up and to the West.

Today’s naturalista is a transitioner who clung to relaxed ends with everything she had until she was ready to let go.

*Cue music from Disney’s Frozen*… Let it gooooo!

Welcome Cherelle George from Edmonton, Alberta. That’s in Canada, Google it if you’re not too sure.

The 29-year old, fitness instructor talked about hair and the perks of natural hair when you work out daily.

Cher was loads of fun to interview, but read and see what I mean.

Special Kinks (SK): How long have you been natural or transitioning?

Cherelle: About 2 years (SK: Say what?! Y’all know I didn’t make it a year)

SK: Why did you decide to go natural?

Cherelle: I wanted my healthy thick hair back!

SK: Why did you choose to big chop or transition?

Cherelle: I honestly was tired of wearing weaves. I was always trying to make my weaves look "natural" by leaving some of my hair out. It came to a point that I got fed up because I am very active. You would see straight hair below and my natural hair just floating on top. It was not a good look. I know what you are saying ‘Why didn’t she just add a closure??’ Lol. Well in my twisted mind a closure looked too fake and I didn’t like the look of it. (SK: Girl… Here’s my take on this stage of transitioning)

SK: Soooo Cher why hold on to your ends?

Cherelle: I have been holding onto to those ends for years!! I honestly don’t know why it took me so long to do it. I think I was just holding myself back, my friends would tell me to do it but I would always say “No, it is too hard to maintain”. Now looking back I realize I was just using it as an excuse to not have to try to deal with my hair…which sounds ridiculous! img_20161031_174747

SK: Fine! How has it been since you chopped the relaxer off completely?

Cherelle: Easy! I had a lot of new growth and Youtube was my best friend. I also had friends who helped me a long the way.

SK: What is your hair regimen?

Cherelle: Shampoo, condition, deep condition, sit under a hooded-fan for half-hour, twist and air dry. I do this once every 2 weeks. I am still playing around with it but so far it seems to be working! (SK: Aren’t we all?! Lol)

SK: What is your favourite oil?

Cherelle: I am currently using Cantu- Tea Tree, Jojoba hair and scalp oil and I love it!

SK: Name your favourite products?

Cherelle: CANTU CANTU CANTU Especially the oil and the Twist and Lock gel (SK: Cantu has a fan and ambassador it seems J)

SK: How easy or difficult is it sourcing products that you love to use on your hair where you live or reside?

Cherelle: It actually is not bad at all! Edmonton is keeping up and I really can’t complain!

SK: What’s your favourite style

Cherelle: Twist outs, faux hawk, and the top puff

SK: Do you do protective styles?

Cherelle: Crotchet braids and Twist extensions! These are my favourites because they are easy on my hair and my wallet… because I am able to do it myself!

naturally-meSK: Tell me about a great hair day or a bad hair day in short, or about a liked or frustrating feature about your hair.

Cherelle: So far I have not had any bad hair days! I have embraced my hair and I think because of that the universe is rewarding me with no bad hair days! Lol. A great hair day is when my hair doesn’t look like it is on its last drop of moisture..lol. Being able to find products that work for my hair has been such a blessing because I now know what moisturized hair should ACTUALLY feel & look like!


SK: How do you detangle?

Cherelle: I try not to put my hands in my hair too much, but if I find a little knot I just use my fingers.

SK: Do you have any hair crushes?

Cherelle: I am literally on Youtube and Instagram everyday- I always come across ladies with different textures and lengths so my hair crush literally changes every minute…lol Basically, if you rock your hair confidently and it’s looking healthy I rate you! (SK: I hear yuh!)

SK: What would you say to employers and teachers out there who think that natural hair is not for the office or the classroom, respectively?

Cherelle: Hmmm this is a tough one because I was fortunate to have a boss a couple years ago that actually encouraged me to wear my natural hair! I guess if I was ever put in that situation, I would leave! I believe that I am in control of every situation and in that situation that would be me taking control. I am not going to be in a place where my work ethic is questioned because of the hair that is growing out of MY head! It would not be fair to me to work with such irrational people…lol! (SK: Wow! Each one, teach one. Thank you.)

SK: Describe your hair in one word, and why?

Cherelle: Art – Work to be appreciated, my masterpiece! (SK: Noiceeee!)

SK: Name something outrageous or edgy or just different you would love to try with your hair but have not had the guts to try YET!

Cherelle: Purple streaks with an undercut!

teachingDancer, choreographer, fitness instructor, so how is it now that she’s all natural

SK: How was it conducting classes and transitioning will working out daily?

Cherelle: It is actually easy. I just wear my hair in a high puff so it is out of the way!

SK: Do you think natural is easier to manage for people who spend much of their day exercising or on the go constantly?

Cherelle: As of now I think it is super easy to manage. I don’t have to worry about flat ironing my edges or leave out from weaves…lol. That was my biggest irritation!” (SK: We know…no closure lolol)

A bigggggg thank you to Cherelle for sharing with us as we all continue to grow!