Dear Readers,

You know that decision to buy one item from the hair store which leads to you walking out said store with a bag full of items?

That happened to me this week.

I have in Freetress Deep Twist 1B 22″ crotchet braids as a protective style. The only item the braider said I would need to maintain the shine and style is a styling foam or mousse.

That’s all I went to buy – a foam wrap.


Well when I left the store, I at least had the foam wrap…just along with a whole heap of other items.

But you know what I always, “Guess I won’t be returning to the store anytime soon.”

What did I buy? 20161126_093726

1.  4.oz Almond oil – my hair loves this!

1.  4.oz Macadamia oil – never tried it but’s from a nut so I will give it a go.

49 ouchless, maintain and hold hair ties/bands … You read right 49, as in 1 less than 50.



Or judge me, it doesn’t bother me either way.

Oh and a cute pink container to store my scrunchies and ties in because I think that’s how I lose them, I never am quite sure where I rest them if not around my wrist.


What did you buy recently?