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Let’s be honest, most naturalistas have not been back to a hair salon since their last relaxer.


So when it’s time for a trim or cut or change, all you see on forum walls is the question – Can you recommend a good natural hair salon in the _______ area?

Now, before you toss out a number for a friend or give directions to that hairdresser you dropped in on that one-time, think about the whole ordeal you are putting forward to someone else.

What makes a hairdresser worthy of recommendation?

Now let me explain what I mean. There is a golden rule when it comes to recommending a hairdresser – EVERYBODY IS NOT THE SAME!!!!

For example, you may be okay with sitting on the edge of someone’s bed or on the floor between someone’s legs to get your hair done, but not everyone would pay for that treatment. Get me?

So, when recommending a hairdresser, ask yourselves these questions first:

  1. Is she experienced with natural hair besides mine and possibly her own?
  2. Are the prices reasonable and appropriate for the services?
  3. Is her customer service good?
  4. Is her area presentable ie. clean? (No one says it must be a salon but a living room with toys everywhere and stained cushions plus kids running around and yelling adults are not for everyone. See the golden rule above!)
  5. Is her location accessible?
  6. Is she creative?
  7. Does she handle criticism well?

  8. Can she take direction?

  9. Does she know how to admit her limitations?

  10. Does she move fast or slow?

These are 10 things you can ask yourself and then ask your friend what is required. See if the answers match mostly. Only then make the recommendation. If not, hush!

A bad hairdresser recommendation could cost your friend time and money and it could cost you a friend too or even maybe a hairdresser.

Be careful and wise before dropping recommendations!