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Dear Readers,

Before you buy an entire line of products or just randomly pick three products from your shelf for your L.O.C. you will need to learn about what I call – The Spot Test.

And luck of the draw, it’s easy for any and everyone to pass the spot test!

Why and when to spot test?

All products don’t play well with others and unfortunately, they can be from the same maker, same brand, even same line and still not mix well.

To avoid the depressing experience of having to rewash freshly washed hair try the following easy steps.

You only need a small amount of any product so just dip your fingertip in the bottle or container.


How to: Spot test

1. Place a bit of product one in spot 1 on the palm of your hand then wipe your finger.

2. Place a bit of product 2 in spot 2 on your palm.

3. Place product 3 in the third spot labelled 3.

NB: If you’re only testing 2 products like a leave-in conditioner and a gel there is no need for spot 3.

4. Mix the products beside each other and wipe your fingertip between mixing 1 and 2 and then mixing 1 and 3 and 2 and 3.

5. If you are using 3 products then in the center of your palm pull all 3 products and combine.

Yes, they mix well if they blend and rub in disappearing.

No no no…abort mission if the mix turns cloudy and even starts to form clumps or white balls. Do not pass go, do not collect $200. Start again with new products.

I recommend also testing your daily restoring mist as the 3rd product because it may be all fine and well till you go to give shine and life to a 3-day old twist out and end up looking like the snowflake queen or king.

If a store has testers or a supplier has samples …take the opportunity ALWAYS to spot test.

Personal example:

I use Deva Curl One Condition as my leave-in, Camille Rose Almond Jai Butter for twists and an oil mix for my scalp. Then I apply a bit of shea butter to seal all the moisture in after I three-strand twist. These all get an A for Plays well with each other on my hair report card.

Have a blessed day all!