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Dear Readers,

Rawrrrrrrrrrr! My mane is beaUtiFUL.

Who coloured my hair?

So I went to Zena & Co salon in Barbados to get my big hair change [I didn’t change my hair drastically for 29, last year,] and when I walked out a couple hours later, I thought I was as happy with my hair as I could be.

I was wrong.

When my tresses had completely air-dried, I was ecstatic! I LOVE MY HAIR!

(left – wet hair, Right – dried hair)

Thank you, thank you, thank you to Gigi Farier! When I say that she is a magician with my hair, I am not being extra.

From the time I started working and making my own money, I became more independent. I sat, shopped around and found me a hair salon that I believed would fit what I was looking for. But what I learned is that it’s the stylist, not the salon.

If Gigi started doing hair in her kitchen sink at her home, I’d more than likely be sitting there as she transforms me once again.

TRUTH: I always wondered about guys and their loyalty to their barbers, but I guess once again I act like a boy because I am loyal to Gigo too.

Gigi moved from the salon I met her at, to another and so did I, and now she’s at Zena & Co and so am I, cause as I said, Gigi is my hair magician. I pray God’s blessings on her and long, healthy life. #Godknows

Salon Experience

When I made my appointment, I took my inspiration photo and the owner of the salon and another stylist (I think her name is Jess) helped me sort out what processes I would be getting and the cost. (Gigi was off that day).


Now, after I made my appointment I must admit I was not scared one bit because I was going to Gigi.

I sent Gigi a photo of my inspiration a couple days before also and she was excited but reserved when I walked into the salon in Hastings, Christ Church. I was like something is wrong. She said, Kerri so I think that is too much hair for you. I paused, Gigi, I am inspired by the colours, the highlights and lowlights, not the weave. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh! Gigi almost fainted with relief. We laughed and her hands went into my hair and the process was started.

I wasn’t itching to look in the mirrors during the process or snap a quick selfie, but I did for the blog’s sake. I was so confident in Gigi’s skills, and realising that I had no fear, that made me a little prouder of myself.

As I got up from the sink after my rinse and heard all the ooohs and aahs from the other stylists, I was super excited to glance in a mirror. When I got back to the styling chair, I was soooooo super duper psyched. #NoLie

1486677107813I was so very happy with the warm tones, the multiple blondes, the body and my Deva cut shape is style there!

Gigi may have heard me say thank you umpteen times, but again I am so grateful for her. She took a photo and made it my reality, yet understanding the complexity of the professional society.

Colour and corporate

Gigi understood that I still have to shake hands with the Governor General and the Prime Minister of Barbados, along with other dignitaries as well children, and people from all walks of life as I go about my job. She understood that some days I will want my hair to come across warm and subdued, yet other days I would want it to scream ‘THIS IS ME! I AM HERE’ loudly and boldly.

My palest blondes are not at the front and my colour at the front does not go too close to the roots. When I bun my hair for ‘calm’ days you could possibly never know how fierce my lion mane is when opened and flying free.

Natural vs Coloured

Hair texture

My curl pattern is looser mainly at the top to the front of my hair. That’s where my 4a curls are so my coloured strands in that area more appear to be 3b/c now. Otherwise, a lot of my strands kept their pattern especially at the sides and back.


My hair and products seem to be getting along just the same. I just added a sulphate-free shampoo for colour-treated natural hair #NoFade #DevaCare #DevaCurl #NoPoo


I have been twisting my hair, doing twist outs, wash n go’s and buns. So far I have not been dealing with straw textured hair or a dry grass feel to the touch.


Am I still natural?

You can bet your bottom dollar. In my head I am natural. I know people will talk about the dyes used have in chemicals but in my defense, all of my roots are natural, untouched by bleach or colour.

But that’s neither here nor there, as  I’m not here for your judgement, not to judge you.

I’m just sharing my hairstory too.