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Dear readers,

Let’s travel to the United States of America, South Carolina to be exact. Meet 39-year-old Kimberly Lawson and hear about her hair journey so far.

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Special Kinks (SK): How long have you been natural or transitioning?

Kimberly: 2 years

SK: Why did you decide to go natural?

Kimberly: I decided to go natural after noticing that my hair was thinning.

SK: Why did you choose to big chop or transition?

Kimberly: I transitioned, only because my hair was cut in a short style, which made it easier to transition.

SK: How easy or difficult was it in the beginning stages when you chopped or started your transition?

Kimberly: It was fairly easy … 254377_10152204931265045_1315364547_n (1)

SK: What is your hair regimen?

Kimberly: I really have no regimen. I wash my hair every two weeks, sometimes every week depending on what style I’m wearing.

SK: What is your favourite oil?

Kimberly: No special oil, but I do use Fructis Sleek and Shine.

SK: Name your favourite products.

Kimberly: I love Crème of Nature Strength & Shine leave in conditioner.

SK: How easy or difficult is it sourcing products that you love to use on your hair where you live or reside?

Kimberly: It’s very easy to find products here in the city where I live.

SK: What is your favourite style?

Kimberly: I absolutely love the flexi rod set

SK: Do you do protective styles?

Kimberly: I do protective styles 85% of the time. My work schedule requires me to wake up at 3:30 am… so there is little to no time to do my hair every morning. I wear crochet hairstyles the majority of the time. I can wash my hair and get to my scalp, which is why I love the synthetic hair.

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SK: Tell me about a great hair day or a bad hair day in short, or about a liked or frustrating feature about your hair.

Kimberly: A great hair day is when I flexi rod my hair at night and the results in the morning actually put a smile on my face. I love that my hair is now very thick and it’s pretty easy to manage without a lot of heat.

SK: How do you detangle?

Kimberly Lawson flexi

Blowout and flexi rod set


Kimberly: I normally spray the leave-in conditioner and comb my hair. It doesn’t tangle at all.

SK: What would you say to employers and teachers out there who think that natural hair is not for the office or the classroom, respectively?

Kimberly: I think that your hair is a reflection of who you are in the inside.

SK: Describe your hair in one word, and why?

Kimberly: My hair is ambiguous… it changes from day to day.

SK: Name something outrageous or edgy or just different you would love to try with your hair but have not had the guts to try YET!

Kimberly: I think I have tried about every style… I would love to try sisterlocks though but I love change and wouldn’t want to be stuck with a style.

Thank you Kimberly for sharing!