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Dear readers,

Did you know this stuff before? Be honest

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  1. The TWA struggle

When you have a TWA you will go through that “Ughhh…I always look the same!” struggle. You want to get pretty and look fancy to go out but your TWA is the only style you can rock. It’s no tapered cut or buzz cut that you can go get some razor marks to add an edge.

  1. ‘Staying on edges’

Your edges are hard to grow but easy to go. Be very careful when pulling back your hair, getting weaves and installing braids. Weekly try to give your edges an ease. Even if your hair is braided, just leave them down instead of putting them into a ponytail.

  1. Ponytail lifesavers

When all else fails, once you start to get length, putting your hair in one (a ponytail) is sometimes the only thing that saves your life and gets your through the week.

  1. Tangles

Detangling your hair is over-rated but necessary. When you can rock and refresh a wash n’ go all week then transform into a fohawk or a curly ponytail, who has time to come or detangle, and then it’s two weeks after wash day and your hair wants you to bug off and leave it to just curl, tangle and knot up on its own in a ball.

  1. Changing curl patterns

Bleaching loosens curls. It always decides to loosen your biggest curls to the point where some become your annoyances as they always fall too far down when you do your wash n’ go. Also, if you identify as a 4C and it is part of your character, avoid bleach because you can move to 4A or even 3C, believe it or not.

  1. Night-time routine

A satin pillowcase would help you by leaps and bounds because let’s face it, who remembers to grab the sating headtie or satin bonnet every night and what about when you sleep away from home and forget your night cap…sigh! If you have natural hair and people love you, they’ll invest in a satin pillowcase just for when you sleepover wink wink lol

  1. Beware of jewellery snatches

Take care with your bracelets when washing and styling your hair. I have a Pandora bracelet and as much as I adore it, I have to remember to take it off when I am doing hair or best believe I will snap a few strands and feel like crying. It’s the same for earrings, necklaces and chains. Take extra care with your jewellery or you’ll be losing strands constantly and totally by mistake.

What else did you wish they told you before?