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Meet Ann Rawls, the creative mind and amazing skill behind the Need More Cake Company in Arkansas, U.S.A.

Owner of Need More Cakes Company, this pastry chef is stepping out of her comfort zone, accepting the challenges of her clients and being an awesome mom to her baby naturalista while rocking her own natural look and talent.


So let’s hear what Ann had to say.

Special Kinks (SK): When did your business start?

Ann: My business has been running almost a year 18768617_1856970607958359_3596398413788030402_o

SK: When did you first make a natural hair or natural queen cake?

Ann: I made the cake April 11th

SK: How did that come about?

Ann: There was this image of a natural queen cake floating around the internet and one of my customers wanted that cake, but the problem I was facing was to find that exact image and I couldn’t. So I just looked up other images and sent them to her. The one she picked was perfect! I knew then I was going to fall in love with this cake when I was decorating it.



The cake at the top is Ann’s and the bottom photo is the photo sent by her client as inspiration.


SK: Did you expect the response you have gotten from persons in terms of clients and on Facebook and social media?

Ann: Well when I posted it on Black Artist Connected I knew it was gonna get at least a couple 100 responses, but not 4.7K likes. I WAS SO EXCITED AND HAPPY!!! To feel that much love was an indescribable feeling. Blessed? Yea that’s the right word BLESSED. I COULDN’T DO NOTHING BUT PRASIE HIM for blessing me with this GIFT!

Her creation was not identical but it is awesome in its own way. Like how naturalistas have different colours and curl patterns, that how Ann’s cake differed, it represented for another type of natural and that was great!!!

Ann and her daughter 

SK: What’s your daughter’s name and age?

Ann: Dakota is her name. My sweet smart baby is 2 years old

SK: What do you use on your daughter’s hair?

I use Shea Moisture on her hair

SK: What do you hope she learns from you rocking your natural hair, the natural queen designs and from you being an entrepreneur?


Ann: I hope I can pass this skill down to her, but if not I want her to know education is very important and so is street smarts. I want her to know if she doesn’t become a doctor, a lawyer etc that’s fine, just as long as she stays out of trouble.

I want her to follow her dreams and whatever skill God blessed her with, be damn good at it, and make sure it makes her happy or at least makes her money.

Oh, and being natural is always better than using chemicals. It’s not you if it’s not natural!


They are so adorable and Ann and Dakota on the job shows the love Ann has for cakes and her little adorable cupcake Dakota!