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I’m older than I’d like to be, 27, but at least it’s not 30, and I’m from a sunny island called Barbados.

That out the way, let’s get to the root of business – HAIR, more specifically NATURAL HAIR!

No I am not going back natural because it’s “freedom” or because I hated my relaxer hair; neither was my hair damaged by the chemicals nor thinning. I am going back natural because simply put… I miss my natural hair.

Unlike many who had relaxer hair from practically birth, my first relaxer was around age 13/14 and I was natural again from 2007-2008, so I know my hair texture. However with all these new products and this new natura hair lingo, this time around being natural seems like it will be so much more fun!

This time I’m also choosing to long-term transition, because frankly, the glass ceiling exist in Barbados too. Go figure!

Anyways, my journey as a transitioner from relaxed hair to natural hair is like my new kinks and curls, in one word – wavy!

There are easy days and taming days, highs, when my edges are laid or my twist out is the BOMB, and lows, days when I want to make my next relaxer appointment.

That’s why I want to share my hairstory and the stories of others, because it’s always good to giveback, to show someone else that there is a way.

Good luck on your hair journey and I’ll try to detangle (when wet, of course) my way through mine! : )




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