HairStory Weekend (#HSW) Chats

What is #HSW or HairStory Weekend Chats?

Well without further ado, this is a special feature on my blog – SpecialKinks where I interview naturalistas from around the globe about their tresses.

Interviewees...Thank you all

Interviewees…Thank you all

They shair about their hair of course, but also about responses to their hair, their favourite products, styles, salons, haircrushes and more, including natural hair and marriage or natural hair and school or natural hair and work.

Some mothers and guardians even shair hair care tips used when grooming their kids’ natural hair too.

More interviewees to date...Thank you

More interviewees to date…Thank you

The great thing about the HairStory Weekend stories is that every naturalista who visits the blog can find a hair texture or hair type they can relate to, learn about a new product, see a new style or just realise that natural hair is worth IT, and what is IT exactly – the time, the effort, the expenses, the energy, the stares, the touches, the everything that comes along with natural kinks and curls!

From Thursday through to Sunday you can expect UPDATES on this blog, just look out for the #HSW hashtag!

Hair is where we unravel, stretch, shrink, renew, chop, transition and gel together! Read, Comment, Like, SHAIR, Contribute!

Thank you.


Want to shair your story too, contact me! Just send your email. It’s that easy!


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