My “Babysteps” Transition Story

Let me clear the air early, what am I transitioning from and to, well, I’m transitioning from relaxed hair to natural hair. This is my story as it unfolds…

FROM THIS, My Relaxed days...Healthy, even when coloured...

Transitioning from THIS, My Relaxed days…Healthy, coloured, chemically-straightened hair to —–>>>>>> (see below)

Now before people start giving high fives and cutting their finger and holding it out to me to be “sistas”, hold up! I am not going back natural as they say because it equals freedom for me. Neither is this about introspection and an acceptance of my Afrikanness…no. Sorry to disappoint.

Simply put, I miss my natural hair, I miss the waves when it’s in a ponytail. I miss the curls at the back and at the edges. I miss the big fluffy twists. I miss the big hair. So I’ve decided to grow out my hair.

Month 1 (Oct-Nov 2014)

Month 1 (Oct-Nov 2014)

Now, as the title says, this transition is about “baby steps” because some days when I’m looking in the mirror and fighting to get my edges laid (NOTE: relaxed hair mentality still sorry, lol ), or when I am wishing I could put half my hair up and half down like in my relaxed days, on those days I really consider that Botanicals Relaxer Kit [Super] that my mother has in the cabinet.

Don’t judge me. I’m just being honest!

And don’t fear, when I set my mind to something it comes to fruition once it is my control.

Hence, on this page you can see me transition, the ups and downs, the good, the bad, the wet, the dry, the styled, the untamed, everything experienced by me and my hair as we transition!

Hope you enjoy!

If you can relate or have a comment, feel free to shair. Expect update photos.


December 2014

Christmas '14 spiral rod set (out) ... My go-to fancy transition style!

Christmas ’14 spiral rod set (out) … My go-to fancy transition style!

January 2014

New Year's Eve aka Old Year's Night '14-'15 lol

New Year’s Eve aka Old Year’s Night ’14-’15 lol

New growth!

New growth!

Spiral rod set process

Spiral rod set process

Getting my first protective style in my journey

Getting my first protective style in my journey

#BoxBraids <3

#BoxBraids ❤


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